The 60 Second Update with

Michele Bachmann

1. What concerns you about President Obama's approach towards reviving the American auto industry?

Simply put: He’s not reviving the American auto industry; he’s taking over it.  The American experiment was born of the right of an individual to his or her own liberty and freedom; to control his or her own destiny. But today we are witnessing the dissolution of the dividing line between the private and public sector; between individual liberty and governmental authority.

Government has kicked private business out of the board room and installed itself as CEO, CFO and board of directors of American automobile manufacturing companies. It is making decisions about who to hire and who to fire, how much to budget for advertising, and what car lines to continue to manufacture.

And, now, it’s railroading auto dealers into signing away their livelihoods.  U.S. News & World Report’s Michael Barone called this “gangster government,” and I quite agree.  Besides the $110 billion price tag the taxpayers have been forced to pay, the precedents we are setting are alarming.  For instance, they literally turned established law on its head to give the unsecured claims of UAW priority over the secured claims of retired teachers and police officers from Indiana.  We must consider the precedents we’re setting now before the consequences gain too much momentum to stop.


 Question 2. Do the Republicans have a better solution?


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Congresswoman Bachmann, is a member of the Financial Services Committee. She represents the 6th District of Minnesota.