The 60 Second Update with

Governor Haley Barbour

1. What is tort reform and how does it work?


“Tort reform” is shorthand for making changes in a state’s civil justice system in order to balance the scales, creating fundamental fairness for both plaintiff and defendant in liability cases. Unfortunately, trial lawyers got into the practice of filing hundreds of cases in plaintiff-friendly Mississippi jurisdictions known for big dollar verdicts. Often there was one Mississippi defendant, say, a pharmacy, and hundreds of out-of-state plaintiffs who used the legal system to pursue product liability or medical liability claims. Recognizing this tremendous imbalance against legitimate business operations and physicians’ practices, we made meaningful tort reform a major priority of my first term, and the vast majority of our reform recommendations were enacted by the Mississippi Legislature in 2004.


 Question 2. How bad was the situation in Mississippi before tort reform?


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Haley Barbour is the Governor of Mississippi.