The 60 Second Video Update with Congressman McCotter

UnCommon Knowledge

After 8 seasons on PBS, Uncommon Knowledge™ is now an exclusive on the web, featuring instant access to all the videos and transcripts from the Uncommon Knowledge television series, along with the current Webcast series. Uncommon Knowledge features Hoover fellow Peter Robinson probing critical policy issues with political leaders, distinguished scholars, and leading journalists.

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A Free Gift from the "Party of Yes"

Despite the Mainstream Media's endless attempts to paint the Republicans as the "Party of No, " the American People have begun to realize that the ideas, energy, and sensible solutions our country needs are coming from the new generation of Conservative leaders.

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We the People: Wide Awake

The 60 Second Freedom Update with Congressman McCotter

With the debate about the rightful role of government growing daily, we thought you'd like to hear from one of our favorite defenders of freedom.

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The 4 greatest challenges to our liberty

The duties "we the people" have in upholding our freedom

The role America plays in spreading freedom around the world

And the 3 most important things about the Conservative Movement & the GOP

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