The 60 Second Update with

Charles Murray

1. Why is tailoring education to a wide variety of skills and skill sets so important and how should schools do so?

Because the goal of education should be to bring children to adulthood having discovered things they love to do and having learned how to do them well, and those “things” cover the whole range of human abilities. Right now, we’re telling our children that success in life consists of a handful of white collar jobs, many of which aren’t either fun or satisfying.  Schools have to start exposing children to all the possibilities in the world of work, and start respecting those possibilities as well.



 Question 2. When college isn't the answer


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Charles Murray is the author of Losing Ground and coauthor, with
Richard Herrnstein, of The Bell Curve. He is the W. H. Brady Scholar
at the American Enterprise Institute.

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Twenty-four years ago, Charles Murray’s  "Losing Ground" changed the way the nation thought about welfare. Now he's about to do the same thing for America’s schools.

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