The 60 Second Update with

Governor Sonny Perdue

1.What policies have attracted so many new businesses to your state?

When I talk to CEO’s and small businessmen about what attracted them to Georgia they always mention three attributes.

First, they talk about our talented workforceGeorgia is the home to world-class universities like the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Emory University and many others.  Georgia is also home to major research organizations like the Centers for Disease Control.  In fact, the Atlanta region ranks 1st in the nation for growth in highly-educated people ages 25-34.  In addition to higher education we’ve established a program, Georgia Work Ready, that provides job training and certification to individuals and communities. Georgia Work Ready takes the nationally recognized Work Keys and adds a graduation requirement for a community to be certified. This results in a stronger relationship between high schools and the community’s technical colleges to ensure students are ready for the workplace. Once they test to a certain level businesses know that a community has a talented workforce that will be valuable to their company.  In addition, the Quick Start program, run by our technical college system, has provided customized training to more than 700,000 Georgians in the last 30 years.

Second, they mention our strategic locationAtlanta is home to the world’s busiest airport, Savannah is home to the nation’s fastest growing port and we have an extensive highway and rail network.  Together they make 80 percent of the U.S. market reachable in a 2-hour flight or 2-day truck haul.  Whether it’s getting goods to market or executives to meetings, Georgia is second to none.

Third, they talk about our favorable business climate Georgia has kept our taxes low and we have instituted significant tort reform. As a result, Georgia wins a multitude of business awards each year. For example we’ve consistently been ranked one of the top states to do business in by Forbes Magazine, and this year Georgia ranked first in the nation in entrepreneurial activity.


 Question 2. What kinds of education and workforce development initiatives does Georgia offer?


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Sonny Perdue is the Governor of Georgia.