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After 8 seasons on PBS, Uncommon Knowledge™ is now an exclusive on the web, featuring instant access to all the videos and transcripts from the Uncommon Knowledge television series, along with the current Webcast series. Uncommon Knowledge features Hoover fellow Peter Robinson probing critical policy issues with political leaders, distinguished scholars, and leading journalists.

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How did the housing bust happen and how
do we prevent another one?

In The Housing Boom And Bust, Thomas Sowell cuts
through the PC finger-pointing and pseudo-intellectual gobbledygook to provide a plain-English explanation of
what brought on the current economic disaster in the
housing market.


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Thomas Sowell on the Housing Crisis

Wondering who really caused the housing crisis?

In the words of Thomas Sowell...

"Politicians in Washington set out to solve a national problem that did not exist - a nationwide shortage of 'affordable housing' - and have now left us with a problem whose existence is as undeniable as it is painful."

And he's just getting warmed up...


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